Chisel - OM64A 2oz Dipping Powder

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Chisel 2 in 1 Acrylic & Dipping Powder lets nail artists create bright and colorful stamped nail designs. Use with Chisel Nail Art 3D Stamps to cut special shapes and unique designs into uncured dipping powder.

  • Begin by applying a base coat to the nail bed to give the dipping powder a strong foundation
  • Apply the dipping powder using a manicure brush or by dipping fingers directly into the powder
  • A Chisel Nail Art Stamp can be used to cut 3D designs into the uncured dipping powder.
  • Apply the top coat to give the color dipping powder a beautiful and shiny finish.
  • Lastly, apply activator to cure dipping powder and top coat.
  • Adding multiple colors and designs will guarantee that your customer has a look they will love

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