CNDSKU: 639370404004

Size: 7.3ML



  • Unique Formula: CND Shellac features a distinctive soak-off gel polish formula, propelling it to become the world's top-selling gel.

  • UV Curing: The Shellac gel cures beautifully under UV lamps, ensuring a lasting and stunning finish for up to 2 weeks.

  • Chip-Resistant Mirror Finish: Boasting a flawless mirror finish, Shellac remains chip-resistant, making it an ideal choice for long-lasting manicures.


  1. Shake to Blend: Ensure thorough blending of the product before application.

  2. Base Coat Application: After applying and curing the Shellac Base Coat, delicately apply a thin layer to all five nails.

  3. UV Lamp Cure: Cure for 2 minutes using the CND UV Lamp to set the gel.

  4. Repeat on Other Hand: Follow the same process on the opposite hand for consistency.

  5. Second Color Coat: Apply the second coat of color using the same procedure for added vibrancy.

  6. Top Coat Finish: Conclude the process by applying the Shellac Top Coat for a polished and enduring result.

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