NGHIA D.06 Cuticle Nipper


Size: 12


NGHIA D.06 Cuticle Nipper
  • After use, remove all dust and glue with acetone
  • Dip only 1/4 of the cutting jaw into sterilization liquid
  • Lubricate onside the join with machine oil if needed
  • Put the silicone cap on the avoid bending the point of nippers
  • NGHIA D-06: Cuticle Nippers (Stainless Steel)

    Product Code: D-06#12, D-06#14, D-06#16

    Features: Single Spring, Grey - Plated.

    Jaw #12 (4mm) - Small

    Jaw #14 (5.5mm) - Medium

    Jaw #16 (6.5mm) - Large

    Product Description:

    - Long handles

    - Very sharp jaw blades

    - Stainless steel materials, rust proof

    - Use for cutting fingernail cuticles and toenail cuticles

    - Light weight, single spring for quick operations

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